Even your cell phone doesn't like this weather

The weather, whether hot or cold, can take its toll on your phone and other electronics.

Not many people like the cold, but no electronic device does ... including your cell phone.

With bitterly cold temperatures here once again for the Tri-States, KHQA thought it would be a good idea to show you how to protect your phone in this weather.

"Having your phone out in the elements is dangerous," Bridjet Pinson with U.S. Cellular said.
And not just because you can drop it.

The weather, whether hot or cold, can take its toll on your phone and other electronics.

"Anything under 40 degrees is going to have an impact to your phone," Pinson said.

Extremes in heat and cold can affect your battery life. Your phone won't stay charged as long, and overtime, it can impact how long the battery will stay charged. Colder temperatures can also impact the screen. The bigger the screen, the better chance of getting a fracture. Simply put, cold weather can crack your screen, but going in and out a lot can build up condensation in your phone.

"Condensation gets in your phone, and taking it back out can actually freeze that condensation and damage components inside your device," Pinson added.

If you have to be outside in the cold, keep your phone under your layers. Keep it in your pocket or under your coat.

"Make sure you're using a Bluetooth headset whether it's listening to music or taking calls. A lot of Bluetooth headsets will now read text messages to you," Pinson said.

And if you're outside for a prolonged period of time, follow this advice.

"We recommend turning your device off. When you get back inside, let your device warm back up to room temperature before you turn it back on. That's going to allow it to function normally and minimize any damage," Pinson explained.

Bridjet Pinson with U.S. Cellular says that can take as little as five minutes.

One final tip ... in weather like this, you can slip and fall, so it's good to have your phone protected by a case.

Bridjet Pinson says there are so many cases in which to choose, you have to find the one that fits your lifestyle and matches how you use your phone.