Even young kids can go to college

There are just a few days left in the school year in the Tri-States.

Most all of the students are looking forward to summer, but your kids don't have to take the summer off.

They can go to college if they are entering Kindergarten through sixth grade by attending John Wood Community College's Children's College.

Pulling someone across a table by their hair may not seem like something you'd like your kid to learn, but it could interest them into a new hobby. Stage Combat is just one of dozens of classes offered this year at the children's college.

"It's a safe way to create violence on the stage," Lenny Bart said.

Lenny Bart is the teacher for this particular course. He says classes like this get kids excited about learning and can really jump start their imagination.

"I think anytime kids have the chance to interchange and work in a cooperative manner, they learn skills that will serve them in life, no matter what they do," Bart said.

If stage combat isn't your kids' cup of tea, there are many other classes in which to choose, including Nature Galore, and exploration of the outdoors.

"We're going to look at animal tracks and birds and butterflies and leaves and trees and plants," Julie Bice said.

Most of the classes are designed for kids to learn while having fun.

"Children learn with their whole bodies when they are young. They learn through their senses and us urging them to go outside may be new for them. They might not spend a whole lot of time outdoors like we did as kids," Julie Bice said.

Bice is the instructor for that class, as well as the Beauty of Butterflies class, and a class on Dr. Suess. The classes are during the month of June, and cost $75 a piece.

"There's a lot of take home things with these classes. When you look at the price, you might think it's a little bit on the hefty side, but there are lots of things that come along with that," Tracy Orne said.

There are scholarships available if you need financial help. For more information, check out

There are also classes available for adults this year.

You can drop your kids off and take a class on yoga, learning the iPad, cooking and much more.

KHQA This Morning visited the college Wednesday morning.

See what happens when KHQA's Chad Douglas shows up for the stage fighting and butterfly classes by clicking here.