Emerald City Jewelers hosts its own Super Bowl half time

It was half time at Emerald City Jewelers Sunday afternoon.

Staff geared up for their Super Sunday Sale, offering game day food, drinks and a big price reduction.

"Everything in our cases is half price, so it's a lot of fun. A lot of people come in and get some great bargains. It's a way for us to do a little inventory reduction and have a party at the same time," Sheri Busse said.

For four hours only, on Super Bowl Sunday, the store reduced prices on all of its inventory by half. It only happens once a year.

"A lot of the action has been at the engagement ring counter. We've had a lot of success with people looking for mountings to either reset their diamond they have already. Maybe they have it in yellow gold and want it in white gold and so they're taking this opportunity to get a bargain. We all have our uniforms on. We all have our penalty whistle and our penalty flags. If somebody asks for an additional discount, we blow the whistle and throw the flag. So, it's all lighthearted, good fun," Busse said.

Sunday's deal may be over, but another is just days away.

Emerald City and KHQA are sponsoring the 2nd Annual Diamond Dive at the Kroc Center next Saturday, Feb. 9. From 11 a.m. to noon, you can have the chance to find a diamond at the bottom of the pool worth up to $2,000. It costs $35 to dive in.