Emaciated dogs turned into Quincy Animal Shelter

A veterinarian at Quincy's Animal Shelter said he has never seen a worse case of animal neglect.

Two dogs were brought in this past Tuesday weighing half the amount they should weigh.

Workers at the animal shelter said they were surprised in more ways than one.

Dr. Drew Kaiser said the dogs should not be alive. He said they've put on weight since Quincy's animal control officer brought them in this past Tuesday.

"They were found outside of a bar," Kaiser said. "Somebody was giving them pork to eat."

Kaiser also was surprised by the dogs' pleasant personalities.

"Their temperament is absolutely wonderful," he said. "Medically, they'll be able to be tuned up. They're not seriously ill. They're just lacking love and a lot of good food."

Right now, the dogs weigh 20-something pounds. Their goal weight would be to gain another 20 pounds. Kaiser said Quincy's animal shelter is starting to see more abused and neglected animals.

"Is it due to the economy? Are people just not being compassionate? It's difficult to say but we're happy we're here to be able to do this," Kaiser said.

The animals now are eating well. Kaiser hopes they'll be ready to be adopted in about a month.

"This goes to show they've been abused, but these guys have the nicest personalities," he said. "They're going to fit in great with someone's family. All they want is attention."

Quincy's Animal Control Commission plans to meet 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, March 26 in the city council chambers.

The commission is expected to discuss animal abuse, neglect and control in the city.

That meeting is open to the public.