Emaciated dog found along the highway tugs at heartstrings

West Hancock Canine Rescue tells KHQA that they have taken in a an emaciated dog that was found outside of Carthage just over a week ago along the highway.

The Rottweiler, now being called Mercy, could barely stand up and was only able to walk a few steps before having to lie down when it was discovered.

Anissa Sadeghi with the West Hancock Canine Rescue wrote, "I am sending this [email] out in the hopes we can find out more information about this girl and to let people know letting a dog get to this shape is against the law. Maybe a sign of the economy but regardless this a crime!"

Area residents have the option to surrender animals to the Hancock County Animal Control with no penalty.

Sadeghi expressed "I have NEVER seen a poor soul in this bad of shape!!!"

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The Canine Rescue posted a few video clips of of Mercy after she arrived at the vet's office ... the videos are very disturbing, so please use caution when viewing. Click here to view on YouTube.

Click here to read more on Mercy from the website.

West Hancock Canine Rescue is offering a $500 reward for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for Mercy's condition.

Mercy is at their vet office now and if anyone can help towards her care, you can contact them at 217-847-3911.