Ellington kids show off valentine-gobbling creations

You probably remember decorating your Valentines box in elementary school.

Third graders at Ellington School took the craft to the next level.

Check out these works of art!

These kids create these "valentines collecting creations" at home, sometimes with help from parents.

Some kids made valentine-eating robots...while others modeled theirs after a favorite past time.

Kids say they're in love with the day of love.

Third grader Erika Wisenan said, "I'm a really big Cardinals fan and I thought it would be fun to make a stadium."

Third grader Cole Terstriep said, "I like making people smile and passing things out."

Third grader Paige Teel said, "I like to spend time with my family and make valentines and give them out.

Erika Wisenan said, "I think its fun to give out Valentines and it gives me a warm feeling inside."

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