Elementary school game 'catching' on with local teams

It's not just for kids anymore.

Whether it's co-ed or all men, dodgeball is becoming the most popular league game at Quincy's Kroc Center.

"It's a way for you to get together with your friends or co-workers and have fun, " Kroc Center assistant marketing m anager Adam Dusterhaus siad.

From the throws to the hits, this elementary school game is catching on with adults.

What's the strategy?

"Don't get hit! Throw fast and far and try not to get hit," Dusterhaus said.

But the Kroc has much more than just what meets the eye. It offers classes ranging from theater to painting, kids' fine arts and improv acting.

Marion Dye teaches Fine Arts and Education Specialist at the Kroc Center. Students of all ages the learn the basics of improv acting and music theory. One of the most popular ways to learn music early on is through plastic tubes called boomwhackers.

"These tubes teach kids about pitch, and composing. It's always fun for kids," Dye said.

It's fun, yet educational at a time when many school districts are forced to cut funding for fine arts from their budgets.

"Fine arts are so important in our lives," Dye said. "They teach us about responsibility, communication, creativity and imagination and thinking outside the box. That's all important no matter what job you end up in and no matter what place you are."

Click here for a full program guide of classes offered this Fall at the Kroc Center.

Wednesday is the deadline to sign up teams for some league events.