Elderly couple safe following Quincy house fire

A Quincy couple is safe after fire erupted at their home earlier Thursday morning.

This was the scene just after eight o'clock at the home of Bob and Marlene Kanoy at 4624 Columbus Road.

The couple says they smelled smoke earlier in the morning and when they realized the house was on fire, they grabbed the family dog and got out of the home.

When the Tri-Township Fire Department got on scene, flames were already eating away the east side of the home.

Fire Chief Rick Zaerr says the weather caused some problems this morning, especially the wind because it just fanned the flames.

He also added that flames were already in the attic when firefighters got there, and that's not a good thing.

Zaerr also says there was a manpower issue because there wasn't a fire hydrant close enough, so tanker trucks had to haul water.

He adds his department is used to working that way though.

We also spoke to a family friend this morning.

He says the shock is still settling in.

Jason Parrott says, "They are doing good as can be. It still hasn't hit. It's hit everyone else. I don't think it's hit then at this point."

If you would like to help the family, you can contact the Hope Lutheran Church.