Eight percent of Ill. workers made over $100K in 2012

      A published report indicates more than 6,200 Illinois state government workers took home compensation of more than $100,000 in 2012.

      GateHouse Media Illinois

      newspapers reported this weekend that 8 percent of the state's workforce topped $100,000 in compensation last year. That's about 17 percent of a $4.5 billion payroll.

      The analysis looked at all compensation - including overtime pay. The review did not include thousands of university employees.

      It found that the number of workers taking home more than $100,000 grew by 1,100 in 2012.

      The top earner among the data reviewed was Robert Rupnik. He is chief investment officer for the Teachers' Retirement System. His compensation was $357,000 in 2012.

      Gov. Pat Quinn's salary was $177,000 - good for 687th place.