Educators from "Down Under" visit Dewey school

Dewey School in Quincy has become a 7 habits school.

They took the principles outlined in Stephen Covey's book, "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" and put them in the classroom.

Tuesday educators from Australia visited Dewey and where impressed by what they saw.

"I love the enthusiasm" Heather Leary said, "the energy, the commitment, that sort of thing that we are seeing over and over again. And that will help inspire us."

Heather Leary traveled from Australia with two other educators to see first hand what the seven habits are doing in the schools.

They have been busy writing down all the ideas and then hopefully will soon be able to start something back in Australia.

"It really crosses all the boundaries not just here in our community and county but it speaks too the need of children and educators and families across the globe," said Christie Dickens.

Listening to an auto version of Steven Covey's new book "The Leader in Me", featuring Dewey and Adams County inspired them to make the trip to learn more about it.

"It's not just being done by one school but the whole district. It's the collectivity that we think is so important. Something that we haven't gotten that we love to see happen in Australia. For us to have an opportunity to see it first hand gives us a chance to take that back to do something similar to our state," said Leary.

Wednesday the group plans to travel a county school.

We spoke with Camp Point Elementary School principal Eric Stotts, he said they will be having an assembly in the afternoon for the Australian educators and tours of the school given by their second grade leaders.