ECA Hunting and Trade Show comes to Quincy

It's an outfitters' delight in Quincy. More than a thousand people from around the region pass through town to scope out the latest hunting supplies at the ECA Hunting and Trade Show.

Parents brought their children and their rifles to the ECA Hunting and Trade show. Outfitters from all around the area set up booths hoping to make a sale.

Bob Leckrone is the chairman of the board for the ECA Hunting and Trade Show.

"We have all kinds of firearms, accessories, just about anything you can imagine here. Ammo, the whole spectrum, some of the hi-tech optics. Some of the best optics you can find in the world you will find at this show you know," Leckrone said.

Some of the outfitters were asked to attend to help abide by the rules and regulations of a gun trade show. Adam Lasala and his shop were brought in to help with Missouri transfers and to help keep the sales legal.

People who wanted to purchase a gun were able to apply for a Firearms Owners Identification Card at the event.

"Gun business has been very good but it helps for law abiding citizens to be able to get out and get the product. We all want to follow the law. We just want a place to get guns," Lasala said.

This is the first ECA trade show to be held in Quincy. More than 50 vendors are in the event. Admission to the show is five dollars. ECA holds from 20 to 22 shows a year. The program started out of Centralia, Illinois.