Easy tips to shed calories without effort

In the new year, many people are resolving to get healthy or lose weight.

While some might begin a strict diet, there are a couple of easy ways to cut calories without too much difficulty.

Laura Frese is a local dietician at Quincy's Hy-Vee store on Broadway.

First, she suggests always eating your vegetables first.

Because veggies are full of water and fiber ... they fill you up a bit before you ever taste the rest of the meal.

Besides being filling, they're low in calories.

Second, Frese says you can cut tons of calories, just by choosing low fat options to the foods you already eat.

Frese said, "So if you drink whole milk can you switch to two percent, one percent or even skim milk? Or if you really like ribeyes, can you switch to a different, leaner cut of meat like a sirloin or a T-bone. That really cuts out a lot of calories and fat, especially saturated fat that can really clog up our heart and arteries that can lead to long term health problems as well."

An example - you can save 70 calories by switching from whole milk to skim.

Experts suggest logging your daily food intake and calories in order to be aware of what you're consuming every day so you can make cuts where they're needed.

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