Easter isn't just one day for Tri-State church

Easter isn't just one day for Tri-State church

Calvary Tabernacle held its Easter Sunday service at The Oakley-Lindsay Center, where the focus wasn't just the holiday.

The message for the service was tagged "Beyond Easter," meaning this holy day isn't the only time to practice your faith.

Pastor Greg Wilhelm stresses the idea of celebrating life and faith every day, even when you're not at church.

"There's so much more to Christ that I think we've only scratched the surface in a lot of areas."

Greg Stark attended the service, and was even baptized after.

He says his goal beyond Easter is to continue improving upon himself and his faith.

"Calvary Tabernacle has just done wonderful things for my family and it's great to have these type of people around you and in your life."

Beyond Easter for the church means the beginning of "Life Groups," where they meet in homes in Quincy.

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