Early Childhood Program hurting for state funds

The State of Illinois has not yet followed through on a nearly one million dollar grant for Quincy's Early Childhood Program.

Changes were made to the way the state funds early childhood programs, which forced the school district to eliminate 3 year olds from the Early Childhood Program. When the school district was informed that they would receive the grant, the program was opened back up to 3 year olds.

The state has already missed 2 payments on the grant. Due to the State's lack of payment, the school district has to operate on credit.

Lenny Lemon, Superintendent commented, "It never really came to our mind that they wouldn't fund it.It was just that, would the monies come late? We've been in the pattern where we have to borrow money to make our ends meet through the year."

If the school district doesn't start receiving payments, the School Board may look into limiting the program in the future.