Earlier end to school, earlier start for summer day care

Many Tri-State schools are getting out anywhere from one to two weeks earlier than usual due to the lack of snow days used this year.

While students aren't complaining, there's a reminder to parents who need to plan for child care during the summer months. If you haven't scheduled those extra days with your child care provider, you'll want to start.

"We've not had the snow. We've had a beautiful winter. So it's like, 'I've got plenty of time.' No. You don't have a lot of time. It needs to be done pretty quick," Judy Bush, the director of Caywood's Day Care Center said.

For most schools in the Tri-State area, the last day is less than two months away. In Quincy, it's coming about a week earlier than in years past.

"This year, they're letting out on May 18, so it's a lot shorter. If parents don't get into their daycare now, they may lose a spot because it's sooner than what it has been," Bush said.

At Caywoods, children are registered on a first come first serve basis. Many who use the program during the school year are already on the list for the summer. Like many daycare centers in the area, there's few spots left to fill.

"I think parents think if they wait til the first of May, that they'll have time. That's not necessarily so, because they'll fill up pretty fast," Bush said.

KHQA found the last days of school are coming early for many districts who added on the snow days at the end of the year. But districts like Hannibal built them in throughout the school calendar. When the snow didn't come, those days made for a nice Spring Break in mid-March.