Eagle Scout's project gives Madonna House curb appeal

The newly landscaped Madonna House

The Eagle Scout is the highest rank attainable in the Boy Scouting program.

Because of one Eagle Scout's work, the Madonna House received a well-needed addition to its facility.

When you meet Payton Gieising, he seems like the standard Eagle Scout.

But Payton is one of the youngest in his troop to be receiving this award. He is from Troup 22 of St. Francis.

The average age is 17...Payton is 14.

For this Eagle Scout project, Giesing added new landscaping to the Madonna House. In addition to the landscape design and plant installation, he also raised additional funds to purchase a new flag for outside the building.

"Just looking at the the sight, I just thought, what can make this look even more better. And I looked, and added landscaping."

"It was just kind of like perfect timing, when Payton called and said I have this Eagle Scout project, that I'd like to do, I'd like to landscape it, would that be okay, and so absolutely. We worked, we began to do a partnership with that. He layed out the design, raised the dollars, and then had the great opportunity do all of the digging and all of the planting."

Giesing thinks that as long as its helping people, he's proud of his work.

"Every day just make someone smile. It feels great. Also being one of the first ones in our troup right now to get the Eagle Scout. And it just feels great about helping somebody, especially what they do for women."

"I think Payton is going to go a long way in the world and this community. I think we're going to be very happy, very fortunate, to have someone like Payton here because he took the lead. I mean, he brought the designers out here...what kind of plants...we got to watch him at work, and he took the lead, he did the project."

The work on the Madonna House is not done yet for Payton. He still has more work he says he'd like to do for the organization.