Drug investigation brings law enforcement agencies together for arrest round-up

On Wednesday, August 27, area law enforcement agencies conducted a round-up Operation in Macon and Randolph counties after a year-long narcotics investigation.

Law enforcement agencies involved include the North Missouri Drug Task Force, Missouri State Highway Patrol, Macon County Sheriffâ??s Office, Macon Police Department, Chariton County Sheriff's Office, Randolph County Sheriffâ??s Office and Moberly Police Department. During the operation, law enforcement served 12 arrest warrants on suspects in Macon County and one arrest warrant in Randolph County during the early morning hours.

According to Macon Police Chief, Steve Olinger, â??This has been a lengthy and complex investigation by the North Missouri Drug Task Force, Macon Police Department and Macon County Sheriffâ??s Office. This is why we need agencies like the Drug Task Force to continue to be funded by grants. These programs are very important to small communities because drugs continue to be one of the biggest problems everywhere.â??

"Not one of these agencies has enough manpower to take on an operation such as this alone. Itâ??s fantastic to see these agencies work together as one unit to crack down on the drug problems this county has. These year-long, and sometimes longer, drug investigations are some of the hardest cases to work and without the Drug Task Force involved it wouldnâ??t be possible. Itâ??s a great feeling knowing that we can work together to help fight the war on drugs," Macon County Sheriff Kevin Shoemaker added.

Sheriff Shoemaker and Chief Olinger would also like to remind citizens to remain active in keeping law enforcement notified of any suspicious behavior.

â??Citizens here in town have complained about the drug activity from some of these suspects we took into custody and itâ??s a repeat thing. Unfortunately, we canâ??t disclose our investigation at the time of those complaints, so it is frustrating for citizens because they think we are not doing anything, but we are,â?? Olinger said.

There have been 11 arrests made and three of those arrested have been released.

(Story by KTVO Multimedia Journalist Destiny McKeiver.)