Drop and give me 7 healthy habits

St. Francis students drop and give 7.

Seven weeks of a healthy lifestyle ... that was the assignment for hundreds of kids throughout Quincy these last couple of months.

Tuesday, Quincy Medical Group along and some special guests visited with area students as a treat for their A+ efforts.

The grand finale of the Heptathlon of Healthy Habits kicked off at St. Francis School, with Miss Illinois Megan Ervin and Olympic Champion Jackie Joyner-Kersee in attendance.

Joyner-Kersee had the students up and running within minutes of the assembly's start, participating in jumping jacks and back down again for push-ups, 7 to be exact.

"I like to add a little fun, because exercising and fitness should be fun. So, if the family's going to go out, make it fun. I just love what Quincy medical Group has done to pull this all together and be into the middle schools and to work with young people. It's just great," Jackie Joyner Kersee said.

Living Healthy is a core value of Quincy Medical Group which is why it partnered with people like Joyner-Kersee, a heptathlon medalist and Miss Illinois Megan Ervin who've both made it their platform in life to implement healthy habits. The Quincy Public Library and the Salvation Army Kroc Center have also partnered with their campaign.

"The Heptathlon of Healthy Habits is based around 7 elements for this holistic view of health," Megan Ervin said. "Elements include, of course your healthy eating and nutrition, physical exercise- it can be physical education in the school systems. But we take it above and beyond with reading, education, spirituality, recycling, community service and the last factor is distracted driving."

Jack Marth says he stays away from the not-so-healthy habits.

"Eating sugar every part of your day.Just sitting down, watching TV all day is a bad thing to do. You should get outside and exercise," Marth said.

Marth learned it's better to start living healthy now, rather than later.

"So we can live a good life when we're older and not have to worry about it when we're older," Marth said.

The grande finale ended with an assembly at St. Dominic School Tuesday afternoon.