Dressing a tweenager

I TMm not much of a shopper. It TMs just not my thing"but when it comes to shopping for my tweenagers, I TMm stumped. Flummoxed. Exasperated. Often disgusted.

Is there a reason clothing manufacturers want our 12-year-old girls to look like they TMre going out clubbing? Is there any garment out there not edged in lace, dipping half-way to the belly button or splattered with some smart-aleck saying?

My twins complain they have nothing to wear. It TMs a valid complaint. At school, they wear uniforms (which is the best policy EVER!) Otherwise, they have two choices of church clothes, a pair of jeans, and a couple of polo shirts. They TMve got drawers full of t-shirts and athletic shorts too, but not much else. I don TMt know what else to get them. They TMre getting too big for the kid section, too small for the women TMs section and the junior section: don TMt get me started! Sleazy!

My husband picked up a pair of shorts at the department store, his eyebrows shot up high said, Really? These things would have made Daisy Duke look like she was wearing capris.

I feel fortunate because my older girls aren TMt clamoring to wear indecent clothes. And thank heavens they TMve inherited my aversion to shopping. They do however, need something to wear that TMs appropriate. The worst is yet to come. We TMve got to get swimsuits!

My gosh I sound like my mother. Apropos, since Mother TMs Day is upon us. In my next column, I TMll share some ways we eventually do turn into our moms, for better or for worse. In the meantime, tell me parents out there|do you have the same problems? What challenges do you face with your pre-teen kids? I TMd love to hear from you.

Take care ~Sarah