Dredging at Hannibal Marina

(Hannibal, Mo.) Last summers flooding is forcing the Hannibal Parks Department to do maintenance near the marina sooner than expected. We found out more about this maintenance for this KHQA Fact Finder Report. Dredging is usually done to the Hannibal Marina every six to seven years, but flooding forced it to be done three years early. Work began yesterday to remove about 1,500 cubic yards of silt from the marina. The project will take about three weeks and cost close to 65-thousand dollars. The marina will be closed to the public until April 17th. 75% of that will be covered by FEMA, with the remaining 25% split between SEMA and the city. KHQA spoke with Hannibal Parks and Recreation Director Chris Atkinson about why this process is important.

"The bigger the boats we can allow into the marina, hopefully the more gasoline they're going to purchase," said Atkinson. "The more people we can allow to dock in our marina, then come visit our downtown and spend money in our shops and stay in our hotels. If we only have three feet worth of water in the marina it severly restricts what vessels we can allow into the marina."

The dredging is just one part of a few projects going on at the marina. The city is also going to replace and repair docks and remove the underground storage gas tank. It is still undecided how that tank will be replaced.