Dreaming of a white Christmas

Will the snow remain in our back yards this Christmas?

For many people it's not Christmas without a layer white fluffy snow on the ground.

The joy you get when you see kids running outside on Christmas Eve, catching the white flakes on their tongues. The excitement of seeing reindeer tracks on Christmas Day after a blanket of white snow fell overnight.

While we did get a little snow just before the holiday, the probability of the Tri-States seeing a white Christmas every year is low, but there are 5 places you can go for that magical white landscape. AccuWeather tracked them down for you. They are ...

Mount Washington, New Hampshire

Fairbanks, Alaska

Marquette, Michigan

Salt Lake City, Utah

Rovaniemi, Finland

Each of these locations have a strong track record of snowfall around Christmas. There might just be an inch, but it's still snow. Many attractions bring people to these area. There is plenty of skiing, ice skating, and snow shoeing.

Fairbanks, Alaska has one of the most beautiful sites in addition to having snow. You can see a 360 degree view of the Northern Lights.

While some of these places might not be your typical winter destination, we spoke with Mecke Kosin with the Travel House of Quincy, she says people do tend to travel around the holidays.

"People travel to see the white sandy beaches of Cancun or the white capes from the balcony on a cruise ship, not to see snow," Kosin said.

But if people really want to see snow, Kosin says Colorado or Switzerland are great places to go.