Dr. Jill Janes looks back on a lifetime of education

Hannibal Superintendent Dr.Jill Janes worked hard over the years to make the Hannibal School district a place where students want to learn and teachers want to teach. But next June she will step down from the position she's held since 2004.

"I always wanted to be a teacher. As a little girl that's just my dream to be a teacher and I was lucky to become one," a reflective Jill Janes said.

In 1975, Kirksville Missouri native Jill Janes made that dream come true when she became a kindergarten teacher in LaGrange, Missouri.

Over the years she's held many positions in education both in Hannibal and in Quincy.

Then in 1999 she became the Asst. Superintendent in Hannibal, taking over the position in 2004.

Janes says that she has tried to take advantage of every opportunity that came her way.

"Sometimes the jobs just find you and I've been very fortunate with that and just kind of moved up," Janes said." You know I think the assistant superintendent job was just another way of teaching adults because I was in curriculum and I worked very closely with teachers. That was a really great job. I loved that job and you know the superintendent job came along and it seemed like the right fit at the right time."

Two of the people who have benefited from Janes experience and guidance is Hannibal Middle School Principal Blane Mundle and librarian and former teacher Susan Harbert.

"The biggest impact she has made has been on young administrators like I was when I first started," Mundle reflected. "Now as I get older I see how she handles things. I see how she is calm. I see how people respect her and I want to emulate that."

As a librarian here she was always open to what changes and improvements I wanted to make in the Library to get access to students," Harbert said.

As for Janes she says she's looking forward to be off at least ONE clock in her life.

"It'll be really nice to just have the time to do or what my grandchildren want me to do," a smiling Jill Janes said.

Dr Janes says she will keep busy teaching future educators as a college teacher and a volunteer at her grandchildren's schools.

Her last day on the job is June 30th.