Dove hunting causing serious problems to Ralls County power lines

Dove hunting causing serious problems to Ralls County power lines

Dove season is now in full swing in the Tri-States.

Plus - it has been extended 20 days longer than past seasons.

The thrill of the hunt is causing many problems for one county.

Wesley Livesay has been working at Ralls County Electric for 10 years.

He spent his Labor Day dealing with a reoccurring problem.

"I'm away from my family because we go over this every single year, do not shoot birds and doves off lines," explains Livesay. "You know unfortunately they do get shot and we are out working."

This all happened because Dove season started.

Over the weekend three lines were shot by hunters trying to shoot doves off of power lines.

Some hunters even attach decoy doves to fishing lines and hang them from the electrical lines.

"That's extremely scary for us because contact with the electrical lines are potentially fatal," says Lynn Hodges, Ralls County Electric General Manager.

Just one small pellet can interrupt your service and there are hundreds in every shot gun blast.

"Fiber is glass, so if you hit glass it shatters and that is what the pellet actually does," explains Hodges.

Services like internet, TV, and phone were out to hundreds of members for several hours.

It isn't an easy fix either - the cost is upwards of 20 thousand dollars and more man power than you would expect.

"There was six of us working six hours so that's 36 man hours," says Livesay. "That was just on a very, very small section on our fiber line."

Livesay has one thing he would like to say to Tri-State hunters.

"Be safe, enjoy the hunting, enjoy the dove season, but don't shoot them off the line."
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