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      Dot Foods expands with new cooler warehouse

      A local company is expanding its operations.

      Dot Foods has announced the completion of a cooler expansion.

      The cooler expansion means big things for the company.

      Not only is the cooler an additional 110,000 square-feet of space, but it's also a job creator for the community.

      This expansion has created 25 additional Dot Foods jobs.

      Cooler employee Sarah Turnbull thinks this is a great extension for the company.

      "Even on the dock, we have so much more room to put the pallets there ," Turnbull said. " Before it was lined up in the aisles because we didn't have room. It makes things run smoother for us."

      Other additions include a new break room for employees, complete with ping pong and pool tables.

      The new warehouse will allow the company to increase business on dry and cooler products.

      Refrigerated Warehouse Manager John Bordewick is looking forward to what this expansion will continue to do for Dot Foods.

      "It's great because the space is much larger than what we were used to working with in our old warehouse ," said Bordewick. " And so what that means for our folks , is it allows them to do their job with less pain , s o there's more room, more space to move around, and do their job more effectively."

      The additional space could enable Dot Foods to grow both in volume and jobs.

      Dot Foods now sits on 1.41 million square feet of total space .