Don't throw your electronics in the trash

You can no longer throw your electronics in the trash in Illinois.

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Illinois residents are now required to take electronic devices like televisions and computers to a registered recycler.

The ban is part of a law that took effect in 2008 requiring manufacturers to start recycling programs for discarded and unwanted electric products.

The new phase of the law applies to consumers with a goal of keeping metals that could threaten groundwater out of landfills.

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency maintains a list of registered collectors where consumers can take old electronics, including computers, monitors, electronic keyboards, scanners, fax machines. The complete list is available on the EPA's website here.

You can contact Creative Recycling Systems of Illinois, LLC. in Glendale Heights at 630-752-0056. Or you can contact Leo Mueller at the Adams County Health Department at 217-222-8440 extension 131 for more information.

Some stores offer e-cycling like Best Buy in Quincy, but there may be a fee involved.

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