Don't invite burglars into your home

According to crime statistics, a burglary happens every ten seconds in the United States.

Criminals today are looking for an easy target - so don't be one. That's the word from Palmyra Police Chief Eddie Bogue.

"The burglar of today is during the daytime and they go around the neighborhood and pose to be a salesman or contractor," said Chief Bogue. "They find an unlocked door or unsecured home and they have free reign. The least path of resistance is what they're looking for."

With that in mind, Chief Bogue says the more barriers you put up, the harder it is for a burglar to make a quick entry into your home without being noticed.

While some get an expensive home security systems, there are simple, cheap ways to avoid becoming a victim.

At #7, a dog, even a small one, can deter a potential invader. They can also raise alarm to a burglar as easily as door and window security and alarm systems. At #6, find cheap door and window alarms online. We found them for as little as $19.99 at a local retailer. Click here to learn more from KHQA This Morning.

#5 - Appear to be home. Keep an interior lamp on a timer if you are gone at night. Also don't "check in" on social media sites when you're not at home. Click here to learn more from Chief Bogue on KHQA This Morning.

#4 - Don't give a burglar a place to hide. Trim back your hedges and landscaping. Also use exterior lighting to light up a dark yard. Click here to learn more about where burglars can hide outside.

"Motion lights are good because if they do come at three in the morning, if they get lit up, chances are they are going to leave," said Chief Bogue.

#3 - Make sure all windows are locked and secure. Click here to learn more about locks from Chief Eddie Bogue.

#2 - It sounds like a no-brainer but lock your doors and try deadbolts and bars for sliding glass doors.

Above all at #1, Chief Bogue says you should value the crime fighters across the street - also known as your neighbors. Click here to learn more from KHQA This Morning.

"If more people are looking out for your and all kinds of eyes are looking, you're all helping each other out," said Chief Bogue.

Chief Eddie Bogue with the Palmyra Police Department says it's also important to take photographs of your valuables and log serial numbers.

That not only helps with get your items replaced when you turn it into insurance, but helps police working to recover those items and make a case against the criminals.

Click here to learn more about how police use serial numbers in theor investigations.