Don't get a DUI on NYE

Almost every 90 seconds, a person is injured in a drunk driving crash.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that twenty-seven people die everyday in America as a result of drunk driving.

New Year's Day is one of the worst days of the year for drunk driving accidents.

"We've seen them when they've been over .25 and the legal limit is .08 so these people aren't extreme but they've been drinking for quite some time and their bodies have gotten use to the alcohol and functioning at that level," Adams County's Sheriff's Department Officer, Kevin Douglas said.

Almost every 90 seconds, a person is injured in a drunk driving crash (see statistics from MADD, here.)

That's why officer Douglas says his team takes impaired driving seriously.

"People die everyday when someone gets behind the wheel and goes out even buzzed driving and drunk driving that kills people," Douglas said. "That's a big issue especially around holidays and New Years."

If your caught drunk driving in Adams County, you're brought to the Adams County Jail.

I went through the DUI booking process where I took a breathalyzer test, got my mug shot taken, was finger printed and put in the holding cell.

It's definitely a place I would not like to revisit again.

So before you get behind the wheel this New Years think of where you could end up or who you could end up hurting.

"You might go out and that person you could hit could be your family member, friend, somebody else's loved one," Douglas said. "Just call a cab or call somebody else to come pick you up that's sober and not drinking."

On average one in three people will be involved in a drunk driving crash in their lifetime. Don't bring in the New Year as a statistic.