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      Don't forget to "Paws to Read" this summer

      When you and your family are home this summer and looking for something to do, it could be as easy as opening a book.

      The Quincy Public Library has classes and events being held this summer for people of all ages.

      Their summer reading program "Paws to Read" is kicking off this weekend.

      While confetti poppers are fun, what staff at the library like Ruth Cuthbertson are really aiming at, is to get reading into someone's life, especially children.

      "Studies have been done that show that children who are read to from a very early age when they start school, they can be as much as five million words ahead of their peers who aren't read to," said Cuthbertson.

      "We start our story times at birth now, so it helps them recognize words, patterns, it prepares them to be readers as they're older which makes them more successful in school and in the workforce," Natascha Will said.

      The library's summer reading program is free and open to anyone, with unique classes like reading to cats.

      "We also are going out to the humane society to read to cats and that helps children prepare for reading out loud, getting more comfortable with hearing their own voice, which will help them later with speech," said Will.

      Staff at the library say children keeping up with their reading are more likely to do better in the next school year.

      "When students participate in summer reading, then they're ahead when they go back to school in the fall, and as much as two months ahead so it helps them retain those reading skills when they go back to the classroom in the fall," Cuthbertson.

      If you aren't sure what to try out this summer, just ask someone at the library, there's something for everyone.

      The Quincy Public Library will celebrate its 125th birthday in June.

      Click here to learn more about the programs offered by the library.

      The "Paws to Read" program will kick off Saturday, May 31, from 10am to 2pm at the library, located at 526 Jersey.