Donations for homeless shelter needed

The Salvation Army needs donations to help the homeless population in the city of Quincy.

You'll remember last year we told you about the announcement that Quincy was chosen for the location of the latest Kroc Center.

But in order to bring the 20 million dollar facility to Quincy, the Quincy Salvation Army had to demolish its headquarters and shelter to make room for the facility.

Is homelessness a problem in Quincy?

Major Alan Wurtz with Quincy Salvation Army said, "Absolutely it's a problem. We're building a shelter facility and if there weren't that need we wouldn't be going through this exercise. And we're seeing it on the rise."

Quincy's Salvation Army shelters sees around 15 homeless people every day. And it's just one of several organizations in the city to help those without a place to go. Major Alan Wurtz says some are part of a transient population, while others are displaced due to house fires or evictions. Whatever the situation, they find help here at the Army's temporary facility at 7th and Hampshire. But its not that simple. While services are located here, meals are served across the street and the shelter is across town. That makes it hard to effectively serve people who probably don't have transportation of their own.

But a plan to bring all the services to one locale are in the works. The Salvation Army is buying the old Inman Frame and Gallery location on Broadway to be renovated, converted and expanded into a new shelter. Because of its location across the street from what will be the Kroc Center, Wurtz says it's a good fit. Folks who will use this facility will have direct access to the Kroc Center and it's classes on everything from budgeting to cooking...which will help them into a life of self-sufficiency.

But here's the catch.

When the Kroc Foundation granted the 40 million dollars to build and endow the Kroc Center, it was made with the stipulation that none of the funds would be used for day to day needs for the center.

The Krocs said it was a community's job to support those needs...And that's means the Salvation Army is looking to you for help to house those who need it the most.