Donation gives big boost to Jackson-Lincoln pool

There may be brighter days ahead for one of the busiest pools in Quincy.

The Jackson-Lincoln Pool in Quincy received a donation of a thousand dollars from a Quincy organization.

Mid-Mississippi Muddy Water Blues Society donated the funds to support the pool.

Ben Bumbry who is a member of the organization and helps run the pool sought out the funds from the group.

The Jackson-Lincoln pool is privately funded, and funds have run low this Summer.

But the community has stepped in to keep it open until this point.

"They really needed it this year," Brenda Dirkes of the Mid-Mississippi Muddy Water Blues Society said. "They weren't gonna ... they didn't think that their ends were gonna be met this year so they really needed it. So this is one of our um...with it being this hot this year these kids needed some place to go."

The executive director of the Jackson-Lincoln pool Ben Bumbry said, "I had a hard feeling how to face those kids to tell them that we can't stay open the full season. Blues Society came to our rescue and many other entities around here has come to our rescue."

The Jackson-Lincoln Pool will hold a fundraiser this Saturday all day and night to help support the pool.

You can contact the pool for more information on the events.