Donated hams delivered to Quincy Kroc Center

Getting ready for the big meal.

As we all know Christmas is a time for reaching out and helping others.

Quincy's Salvation Army is getting ready for the second of it's two biggest public meals of the year ... the annual community Christmas dinner. But before the preparation came the delivery.

On Monday morning about 160 pounds of ham was delivered to the

Kroc Center


The donated meat comes from the

Western Illinois Pork Producers


Dave Dedert is the president of that group and says that helping out the community is one of the goals of the pork producers.

"One of the the things pork producers has is called the ethical principals and one of our ethical principals is to reach out to the community, be good stewards in the community and show our support that way," Dedert said.

Dave's wife Joy is the the Food Supervisor at the Kroc Center.

She says that these hams won't stay in the boxes very long.

"When it comes in today we'll get it all sliced and in the cooler and ready to go so all we have to do Christmas morning is get it warmed up and prepare the other things that we're having that day," Joy Dedert said.

More than 300 people will be served at the Christmas meal.

Joy Dedert says that watching the meals go out on Christmas day is a rewarding experience.

"It's fun to go out there even though you're busy on Christmas day getting food out, but somebody always stops, the minute you walk out the door and says "thank you the food was wonderful and we're so blessed that you helped us out"," Joy Dedert said.

Patty Douglas is the Director of Development at the Kroc Center.

She says it is a privilege for the Salvation Army to serve the community this way every year.

"Our thank you is just being blessed knowing that they have someplace to come. And that they've had a nice meal and hopefully we've made their Christmas a little brighter," Douglas said.

Douglas says that the Salvation Army is asking for people to donate salads or deserts for the meal.

You can drop yours off any time after 9 a.m. on Christmas day.

Also, if you would like to volunteer to help out at the meal just contact the volunteer coordinator at 217-231-5633 and leave a message with your name and the number of people you will be bringing to help.