Donate your candy to Operation Gratitude

Halloween is a fun holiday for you and your kids. You get to dress up in different costumes and go around asking your neighbors for free candy.

But bags full of candy are not good for your stomach, or your teeth.

So, some local dentists are doing something about it.

You can get cash for your candy at Apple White Dental for $1 a pound.

The candy collected will be donated to Operation Gratitude which will be sent to the troops overseas.

"This is a great service opportunity for kids. I'm a father of three and I'm always looking for service opportunities for my kids that they can give of themselves. So, they portion off a portion of their Halloween candy and bring it to us and they get, in return, some money. Everybody wins," Dr. Kirk Juhasz said.

Candy isn't the only thing you can drop off to send to the troops.

You can also send things like beef jerky, magazines, or anything else you think would make them feel like home.