Dogwood Parade's clean up crew

Members from the youth group Operation Serve, cleaning up the Dogwood Parade route.

It's typical for any street after a parade to be littered with the forgotten candy wrappers and food, but Saturday, Quincy residents may have notice it looked pretty clean for just having a parade.

So where did all the garbage go?

Thanks to the youth group Operation Serve, it all went into the trash. The group cleaned up the parade route as part of its community service project.

Operation Serve is made up of seventh through twelfth graders that meet every Sunday at St. John's Anglican Parish in Quincy.

The group completes a community service project each month, though the cleanup along Maine Street was decided on last year.

"It feels great," said Jacob Smith, an Operation Serve member. "I know that it's hot, I know that it's hard work, but afterwards, it makes me feel so good to say, 'hey I did this' and I'm glad to be with my friends as well."

Operation Serve also collected canned foods during Saturday's parade for the Madonna House, Horizons, Quincy Salvation Army and Quanada.

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