Dog survives gunshot wound

The little lab is now completing her recovery here in a foster home in Illinois.

UPDATED: March 28 at 4:42 p.m.

Keokuk dog has a second chance at finding a good home after surviving a gunshot wound earlier this year.

According to early reports, a couple found the young black lab in a ditch, near death. She had been shot through her abdomen area,

Dr. Tom Hutchcroft at the Krichel Animal Hospital in Keokuk says the young black lab puppy was near death after being shot through her liver and lung.

Dr. Hutchcroft said, "She was comatose, she was ice cold and she couldn't move and we had very little response.She was shocky-really not in good shape."

He treated the young dog for shock and infection. At first x-rays showed damage to the organs and it looked as if surgery was going to be needed to repair her bullet-punctured liver and lung. But when she started to eat, it was apparent this dog was a fighter. Dr. Hutchcroft says a second x-ray showed some improvement. He says the bullet must have passed through the organs so fast they sealed up quickly. That's something almost unheard of.

For the young dog, two weeks of care at the animal hospital made all the difference.

What was it like to see her bounce back like this?

Dr. Hutchcroft said, "Well it's was really fun. That's why we do this.And when you can take a case that is such dire straights and see her bouncing out the door and happy to see everyone, That makes your day."

The cute little lab was released into the care of the Midwest Labrador Retriever Rescue and is now completing her recovery here in a foster home in Illinois. Although she was never given a name, she's sure to get one that reflects her fighting spirit when she's adopted by a loving family in the coming months.

Her care was paid for by donations from the Krichel Animal Hospital, the city and the American Animal Hospital Association Helping Pets Fund.

Interestingly enough the people who said they found the dog hurt in a ditch back in January were actually her owners. They've been charged with filing false reports to an officer.

So far no arrests in the shooting have been made.

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Original Story: January 20

Here's a story of a four-legged survivor.

An abandoned dog is recovering from a gunshot wound.

According to the Keokuk Daily Gate City some passersby found this black lab lying on the side of the road.

We confirmed with Keokuk Animal Services that a bullet had passed through the dog's chest and stomach area.

It was thought the dog may need surgery, but now it seems the dog is beginning to take on new life.

We were told she's been on some antibiotics to battle a high fever, but as of right now everything is looking positive.

Read more about efforts to save the dog in the Keokuk Daily Gate City .

For more information on how to help this and other animals in the Keokuk area visit Keokuk Animal Services online .

The shooting is under investigation.