Dog saves woman from fire

Dogs are supposed to be man's best friend, but for one Lee County resident, her dog is her hero.

When fire struck a home in Powder Town last week two dogs did whatever they could to make sure everyone got out safely.

KHQA's Jarod Wells has the story.

Elizabeth Cass lives at 3653 Argyle Road in Lee County. She got her dog Roscoe from a woman in Fort Madison who was close to putting him to sleep because nobody wanted to give him a home, until Elizabeth Cass saw him. She also lives with her son and his dog Kiki. Her son was not home when fire broke out at her house last Friday, but she and the two dogs were.

Elizabeth Cass said, "I laid down to go to bed, probably about 11. It was cold so I came outside to get my dogs and I took my dogs in and put them in the laundry room, because it's warmer in there, it's got heat. I got a door in there, but it doesn't latch."

That's a good thing for Elizabeth, because shortly after midnight the dogs noticed something wasn't right.

Cass said, "The next thing I know I've got this big ol' face in my face. He's nudging me and he's licking me and I was like 'Oh Roscoe quit,' not knowing what he was doing. And then I rolled over and started to smell something funny and I smelled smoke and I was like 'Oh my God'."

Even though Elizabeth's son wasn't home, his dog Kiki was standing by his door trying to find him. Elizabeth grabbed her cat and the two dogs and got out of the house. Cass' next door neighbor is a volunteer firefighter so she woke him up. He was one of the first ones to go into the house.

Cass said, "From then on it just caught fire and it was just a lot of smoke and a lot of people running around. All I can do is just watch everything that I hold dear to me go up in smoke, but it wasn't me."

Thanks to Roscoe and Kiki.

Cass said, "This maybe is God's gift to me, saying 'hey, you saved one life, lets save another'."

Elizabeth Cass wanted to make sure that she thanked everyone who has helped her and kept her in their prayers.

The owners of Nauvoo Family Inn and Suites has given her a room to stay in for the time being.

There is still no word on the cause of the fire or where it started.