Dog: man's best friend and stress reliever

Betty taking a nap right next to her owner, Kevin Reed, RPM president

When you walk into the Reed Promotional Media office it may look like your average workplace ... until you're greeted by a little Boston Terrier, Frankie.

"And it just got to be a habit," Kevin Reed, RPM president said. "I mean everyday when I would get ready for work they would be at the door waiting. And they know their way to the car, they know their way from the car in the parking lot into the building, and they kind of have the run of the place and clients love it, they really do."

And so do RPM employees.

"I absolutely love my dog," Robin Thornton, an RPM employee that brings her dog to work said. "He's my best friend, he's like my kid and the fact that I get to have him at work everyday is amazing. Not everybody gets that so I just feel blessed that I could bring him."

And Thornton may also feel less stressed. According to a recent study by Virginia Commonwealth University, dog owners that brought their pups to work were less stressed through out the day versus those that didn't. Owners that left their dogs at home saw a steady increase in stress during work, which almost doubled at the end of the day.

"If I'm busy doing something and I'm stressed out and I'm feeling a lot of pressure or something all I have to do is turn around and have him nudge my arm and that just makes me feel better," Thornton said. "It relaxes me and it's like okay yeah I'm stressed out but is it that big of a deal, no."

But even some RPM employees say dogs aren't for everyone.

"I get to babysit these dogs all day and then send them home and I'm alright with that," Megan Johnson, RPM office assistant said.

Still Reed says the dogs bring so many benefits to the office he can't imagine not having them around.

"As an employer I think that having the pets here really helps morale number one and number two if you're a pet lover and you can bring your pet to work with you it makes it that much better," Reed said.

Take a look at the video above for footage from KHQA's own experiment with dogs in the newsroom. We came to some conclusions of our own.