Dog duo escape death, board a plane

The West Hancock Canine Rescue has rescued and adopted out hundred of dogs from local county animal shelters for more than a decade.

But on Thursday morning it was dedication as two of the group's volunteers braved below zero wind chill

at the Keokuk airport to deliver two American Eskimo dogs that were going to be transported to
a foster family in the state of Tennessee.

Anissa Sadeghi and Ellen Norman were the two who were out this morning at the airport.

It may sound a bit out of the ordinary, putting two dogs on a plane to be delivered to a foster family in Tennessee, but Sadeghi and Norman work countless hours getting dogs from local county run nimal shelters and into places where the dogs can eventually be adopted and not euthanized.

"Being able to network them and recruit, facilitate rescues, foster homes, transporters and adoptive families. Definitely, I mean it saves their lives. I mean there's just that's the bottom line here. That's why we do what we do," Sadeghi said.

As the two women from the West Hancock Canine Rescue waited for the plane to arrive, it was another volunteer with a group called Pilot n Paws that flew them to their new foster home.

Pilots N Paws who landed his plane at the airport and within just a matter of minutes the pet taxi crates were loaded and the dogs were off to Tennessee. A trip of a lifetime for these dogs who have no idea of all the phone calls, e-mails and time that was put in to find them a foster family to live with.

"There isn't one of them and there have been so many over the years that I don't get teared up over. Because to see them where they start, our animal control, then sitting on the lap of a child or on a sofa with grandma or grandpa. it's just, there's no words to how that feels," Sadeghi said.

And for Sadeghi, she knows that feeling will continue as she keeps up the work to rescue dogs and finding places for them to be adopted all across the Midwest.

If you would like to help or volunteer with the West Hancock Canine Rescue, you can find them on F
acebook or their website

West Hancock K9.