Dog credited with saving man's life

An Adams County man is safe this morning after his house caught fire near Kellerville.

More than 20 firefighters responded to the home of Scotty Parker just after two Tuesday morning for an electrical fire in the attic.

Parker says he's alive thanks to his dog - a great Dane named Clyde.

Parker was asleep when Clyde started tugging on his shirt, trying to get his attention. He tried to ignore the dog and go back to sleep, but Clyde wouldn't let up. That's when Parker heard a noise and thought someone was in his house. He got up to investigate and that's when the ceiling in his living room collapsed in front of him and he discovered the fire.

Parker escaped with no injuries.

Firefighters say the early warning prevented the fire from spreading further.

At last check firefighters were still on the scene checking for hot spots. The house took on water and smoke damage as well.