Documents reveal standoff suspect's 2002 sex-crime arrest

Mugshot of Donald Pruitt's previous arrest in 2002.

The man facing sex abuse charges against a minor who barricaded himself inside his Quincy home Monday was previously charged with the same crime.

Adams County Court records show that

Donald â??Rickâ?? Pruett

was charged with two counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse and one count of sexual exploitation of a child in 2002.

Motions filed by both the state and the defense reveal several details of a case that the State's Attorney's Office ultimately dropped.

A four year old boy accused Pruett of inappropriately touching him at the time of the original offense.

The child made a statement to Quincy police officer Mary Miller.

The documents also show that Pruett was accused of touching himself in the presence of the child.

The prosecutor in charge of that case at the time no longer works in the office.

State's Attorney Jon Barnard was an attorney with the office at the time of Pruett's original arrest, but had no hand in the case.

He said based on educated speculation and his experience with cases of this nature, the charges were likely dropped because the child was unable to fully articulate the allegations brought against Pruett to a degree that would legally satisfy the court.

A motion filed by Pruett's then attorney in November 2002, shortly before the case was dropped, also revealed another investigation against Pruett in 1999. His attorney sought to have that evidence barred from being brought against his client in the 2002 case. That motion was never heard as the case was dropped several days later.

An initial examination of Pruett's criminal record uncovered only the single felony indictment in 2002. He's also been arrested on a handful of traffic violations.

A person associated with the 2002 case contacted KHQA Tuesday afternoon and said, â??I wish we would have fought this harder at the time. Maybe all of this wouldn't have happened.â??