Do you know what CDH stands for?

Cadan's Carnival annual fundraiser / KHQA file photo

March 31st is Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia or CDH Awareness Day.

CDH is a birth defect where there is an opening in the diaphragm allowing the abdominal organs to push into the chest cavity.

This birth defect affects 1 in every 2,000 babies.

More then 2 years ago Tiffany and Rome Frericks lost their sweet baby boy Cadan Christopher to CDH.

Since their loss they have devoted their time to fundraising for CDH research.

U.S. Senator Robert Kennedy said "Every time you stand up for an ideal, you send forth a tiny ripple of hope".

That is just what Tiffany and Rome Frericks are doing, turning their heartbreak and tragedy into something positive.

The Frerick's found out that their son Cadan had CDH before he was born. "We did not want to find out if it was a boy or girl. Checking to see if all the organs are where they should be and we where told his stomach was above the diaphragm. We would have to to do St. Louis for a second opinion." Cadan had CDH.

After Cadan was born the doctors gave him a 60 percent chance of making it, but sadly 12 days later he passed away.

"We were hoping for more concrete answers, but we did not get that, they can't tell you that with this diagnosis which is part of what so frustrating."

Now the Frericks are using Cadan's story to raise awareness about the birth defect.

For the past 2 years they have raised more then $20,000 dollars through Cadan's Carnival held in October. That money is presented to Cadan's doctor at St. Louis Children's Hospital for more research on CDH.

Here's where you can do your part. In honor of Cadan and CDH kids everywhere, we encourage you to wear turquoise on March 31st for National CDH awareness day.

We are also happy to announce that Tiffany, Rome and big brother Reese just welcomed a healthy baby girl last week Journey Cadance. Congrats to all.

You can find Cadan's Carnival for CDH Awareness on Facebook by clicking here.