Do you know the gun laws in your state?

Conceal and Carry and other gun related issues have been all over the national and state media.

That has turned the spotlight on gun laws right here in the Tri-States.

And you might be surprised to learn that those laws are different in some very significant ways.

If you want to use or own a firearm in Illinois you must have a FOID card.

Ronald Cook Master instructor for hunter safety in Adams County says, "You legally can't own a gun or have one in your possession or the ammunition unless you have a FOID card in the state of Illinois. We are the only one's who have a FOID card by the way."

Missouri and Iowa have no FOID card requirements.

In Illinois a FOID card is required to buy handguns, shotguns or rifles.

You also need a FOID card to get a license to own a firearm or get a permit to carry a rifle or shotgun but not a handgun.

But the laws are different in Missouri and Iowa .

You are not required to register or license your firearm in either state.

A permit is not required to buy any kind of firearm in Missouri but you will need to one to buy a handgun in Iowa.

In both Missouri and Iowa a permit is required to carry a handgun only.

Cook says, "Each state has it's own laws, rules and regulations, therefore you have to, once you cross this state line and go into another state, you have to abide by their laws and regulations."

The only way you can transport a weapon across Illinois or from another state to Illinois is to:

A. Break the weapon down into a non-functioning state


B. Make sure the weapon is not immediately accessible.


C. Unload the weapon put in some sort of enclosed case by someone with a valid FOID card.