DIY savings at home

Of course you're always looking to save as much as you can when you shop for anything, especially the more expensive everyday products ... the most obvious and easiest option?

Clipping coupons ... but what if you went a step further in your frugality and made your own detergent?

You may say it depends on what's in it. So what IS in it? It's pretty similar to clothes soap ...

Here's a dry dish washing detergent recipe we found online. It's pretty simple. You need a 1-quart container, 1-cup of Borax, 1-cup of baking soda, a quarter cup of table salt and two packets of unsweetened koolaid. Then, mix it all up.

Whether you're using homemade or store-bought detergent, one best practice says you should pre-wash your dishes to get big particles off ... Then, load as usual and add one tablespoon of your homemade mixture. Some say to add an 1/8 cup of vinegar in the rinse compartment.

Cost per load for the homemade stuff? About 8 cents. Compared to 22 cents per load of commercial detergent. You can also use your homemade soap to clean countertops and sinks.

Speaking of clothes soap ...

Here's a recipe we found for homemade laundry detergent. All you need is a few items ... the first being a food processor. Then gather up 1-cup of grated laundry soap (like Ivory), 1/2-cup of Borax, 1/2-cup of washing soda (made by Arm and Hammer), and if you like, a few drops of an essential oil of your choice.

Combine ingredients using the food processor. For a light load use 1 tablespoon and for a heavier load, use 2.

There you have it, another way to save with ingredients you can find at home or just down the street at the grocery store or convenience store.

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