Dive into summer with the Quincy Park District

Pools at Indians Mounds and the Wavering Aquatics Center are now open for the summer. Quincy Park District crews have been getting ready for this summer season since winter.

It's a busy time at work, for Mark Callaway.

"We're hiring lifeguards, concession workers, front desk workers, maintenance workers," he said. "We really have to work together as a team."

Callaway and his Quincy Park District crew have been gearing up for the summer season since winter. They recently opened the pools at Indian Mounds and Wavering Aquatics Center. The two will soon be filled with people during hot summer days. (Get an inside look into Wavering Aquatics Center, here.)

"It's kind of crazy, it's awesome," Recreation and Marketing Supervisor, Jessica Marie Cate said. "There's people everywhere having a good time every single day."

All those people means lots of germs but the Park District has your covered.

"We take pride in the way that we keep track of our chemicals here at the pool," Callaway said. "It's very safe for all of our people to swim in."

The pools are cleaned with chlorine and muriatic acid. The two combined, kill 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria, but are still safe for you.

Pools aren't the only things that need prepping before the season.

"It's very important that we have loyal and trusting employees," Callaway said. "because when it comes to safety that's the number one priority for the Park District."

Pool lifeguards must be certified by the Red Cross or another governing body in order to work at either facilities. Callaway makes sure all of the guards are retrained every two years.

He says when his staff and facilities are in tip top shape he feels confident that you'll have a good time.

"It's just nice to see them enjoying themselves and being free for the entire summer," he said.

The Quincy Park District pools are now open.

You can check out the hours, here.