Dive for some diamonds

What would you do to win a diamond?

Would you take a dive?

The Quincy Salvation Army's Kroc Center hopes you will.

On April 28th, you have the chance to jump in the pool to pick a number.

Each number corresponds with a prize, three of which are diamonds.

It costs $30 and the money raised goes to Kroc scholarships which makes Kroc Center memberships more affordable.

The top prize is a two thousand dollar half carat diamond.

The Kroc Center's Marketing Manager, K


Embree says, "T


odds are very good at winning that. We're limited to 100 people, so your odds are one in 100 of possibly winning that $2000 diamond. That's really good odds."

Registration is open now at the welcome desk at the Kroc Center.

And you don't have to jump in the water yourself, you can find a designated diver if you wish.