Dirty chimneys lead to fires

The Palmyra Fire Department was called to its second chimney fire of the month today.

It was not serious and was extinguished in a matter of minutes.

But the fire department wants to remind people to make sure to get your chimney flues cleaned and inspected by a certified clean sweep before starting that first fire of the season.

While the chimney is inactive, debris can build up in the flue.

KHQA spoke with John Lewis of the Palmyra Fire Department about why it is so important to keep your chimneys clear.

He also wants to remind you to make sure you have working smoke detectors in your home.

"It's very important because the first fire of the season can ignite accumulated debris in the chimney," said Lewis. "And depending on the age of the house and the construction of the chimney you could have a fully involved house fire. Smoke detectors are something we think is very important because it gives people notice of a problem in their home so they can get out alive."

You've probably heard us talk a lot about smoke detectors and checking their batteries, but Lewis said you can never be too safe.