Diesel now a part of Monroe City K-9 Search & Rescue

There's a group in Monroe City Missouri that is making it a point to rescue German Shepherds that are up for adoption in shelters.

And just about 10 months ago the Monroe City Search and Rescue came upon a dog that was just days away from being euthanized because he had been labeled as being too aggressive and untrainable.

"When I first met Diesel, I couldn't even take him for a walk," Rich Enochs said.

That's saying a lot for Enochs. He is the CEO of Monroe City K-9 Search and Rescue and he's talking about one of his recent adoptions of a rescued German Shepherd. Diesel is the dog's name and he came to Enochs with a label of being overly aggressive. In fact, the rescue group that had before Enochs' said Diesel was just days away from being euthanized because no one wanted to adopt him

But Enoch's took a chance and today, Diesel is a shining star.

"I'd say right at about the third month he finally started, it started to click with him that I'm not his enemy, I'm here to help him and I'm not going to leave him," Enochs said.

Enochs and Kate Sidun have had Diesel for about 10 months. And over the course of that time, they've been able to train Diesel to the point where he's now certified to perform search and rescue missions. But it was his blood line that made Diesel the type of working dog that you see today. Ready to run and serve and not be just a house pet in a dog house.

"Yes, unfortunately Diesel's working needs exceeded their capabilities. He's very driven. His father was Russian Border Patrol working stock and his mother was Czechoslovakian prison guard working stock, so that pure drive comes from his European blood Line," Sidun said.

So as Diesel continues to train with his handler, Enochs has nothing but high praise for a dog that was just days away from a not so good ending.

"We saved his life, so he could save others and I think it's a great deal and I think he's going to be a great benefit to the team," Enochs said.

Enoch was originally looking at a different German Shepherd on the Missouri German Shepherd Rescue website when has came across Diesel.