Deployment ceremony for the 2175th

2175th Military Police Co. of the Missouri National Guard / KHQA's Melissa Shriver

The 2175th Military Police Company out of Hannibal is preparing for its third deployment in ten years.

More than one hundred area soldiers will leave Sunday on a one-year deployment to Qatar in the Middle East.

Lt. Joseph Moore is one of more than a hundred Missouri National Guardsmen packing and preparing for deployment to Qatar.

Lt. Moore said, "The morale is really high. All the soldiers are really looking forward to it. It will be a really unique experience for them. For me, I am leading a really good group of guys."

Their mission: to provide security to military bases and personnel in the country during their year-long mission.

Lt. Moore and his comrades were honored by family and friends Friday during a deployment ceremony at Clemens Field. It was a hot one hundred degrees at the ceremony Friday, but leaders say this is cooler than an average day these soldiers will endure on their mission in the Middle East. But the heat didn't wilt the enthusiasm these families have for their men and women in uniform.

It's a hard departure to make. Soldiers will leave wives, husbands, children and other family members behind, missing important events and milestones back home. Specialist Michelle Hurt is preparing for a year without her husband Marcus.

Spc. Hurt said, "I'm anxious but excited. I will miss my family but I am happy to serve my country."

From here, the 2175th will join more than 300 citizen soldiers from all over Missouri under the 175th Military Police Battalion.

They will officially begin their deployment Sunday when they are sent to Camp Shelby in Mississippi for more training.

"The soldiers are from all over (the area)" Moore said, with the majority being from Hannibal or Moberly.

The MPs are expected to spend approximately a year in Qatar.

The 2175th MP Co. has 40 additional members, who will continue with their monthly drills.

You may remember a recent story KHQA did where T-shirts were sold by the 2175th Family Readiness Group. Click here to learn more about purchasing one of them.

Proceeds from the T-shirts will help these soldiers and their families.