Demolition process in Quincy's historic districts could be extended

It could take 90 days to get a demolition permit to tear down a property within Quincy's four historic districts.

The Quincy City Council heard the second reading of an ordinance that would require just that.

The Quincy Preservation Commission wants to extend the process from 35 days to 90 days once someone requests a demolition permit in those particular areas.

That would give the commission more time to determine if the property has historical significance or should be allowed to be demolished in the first place.

Mayor John Spring said, "If the property is landmarked both on the national registry or locally landmarked or if it's a contributing structure, there are potentially an upwards of about 4000 structures that this could impact."

The Quincy City Council is expected to vote on the ordinance next week.

In other meeting business, the council voted to add 20 mile per hour school speed zones at 9th Street south of Sycamore and north of Maple 200; on Sycamore west of 8th to east of 9th Street 200 and on Maples, west of 8th to east 9th 200.