Demolition paves way for new Sprouts

A crew demolishes a wall at Sprouts Inn in Quincy.

It's taken a couple months, but the walls of Sprouts Inn restaurant in Quincy are coming down.

Demolition and cleanup began Monday morning and is expected to take three days. A

June 14 fire

gutted the popular Quincy restaurant.

The owners have looked at several floor plans for a new restaurant, but haven't settled on one yet.

Plans call for the restaurant to set back off of 12th Street more than the previous restaurant to accommodate more parking spots.

Owner Jenny Wiemelt hopes to have the restaurant open sometime in the spring. Wiemelt's family has owned the restaurant since she was 12.

Seeing the building being torn down leaves her with mixed emotions.

â??In another way, it's kind of exciting because I get a brand new facility and it's going to be up to the ADA codes, and my employees are going to be able to accommodate people so much better because there will be a better flow to the restaurant and better flow for the kitchen,â?? she said. â??I think we can serve to community a lot better.â??

Wiemelt says she's had a lot of questions about people who have gift cards to Sprouts. She says because of technical issues, they cannot be used at any of the other McLean owned restaurants.

However, she will honor them when the new restaurant opens.