Demolition Derby a way of life for Mendon man

John Bennett's 007 car ready for the Adams County Fair.

John Bennett of Mendon built his first demolition derby car when he was 14-years-old.

So it's no surprise that after 29 years, derby cars are still being built in his garage.

Why do you do it?

"It's fun. You smash into stuff and its legal," Bennett said.

Once drivers find a car, they spend months of their time tearing it down to the bare frame to build it back up.

Below is a picture of his derby car back in February. During the months that followed he removed the glass was removed and Bennett welded in a special frame of metal to protect he and his engine.

Muffler stacks are added to funnel exhaust and add the popular rumble you hear on the track.

All that work and money comes together on the track when Bennett and his competitors smash and crash their way to the top. Check out this YouTube video from last year's Adams County Demolition Derby.

When you're out there on the track what goes through your mind?

"I look for the next guy that's got his wheel stuck out there," Bennett said. "and with any luck I will get a run at him."

The Demolition Derby at the Adams County Fair kicked off Wednesday night at 6:30 p.m.